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Things you need to do and know!

There are 3 forms to complete ASAP so please do it now!

For all participants under 18:

Please print off and have your parents sign this form. We will need a hardcopy of this form signed for the trip

For all participants over 18:

Please complete this form online

For Everyone

Please complete the Amor Participation form. We are partnering with Amor Ministries and everybody needs to complete this!

Group Name: Youth Farm Bible Camp

Final Form For Everyone!

One night on our travels we are staying at a Bible Camp. They are asking everyone to complete this form.

This form is a little bit of work. You will need to create an account with the camp and confirm your email address. Then  you will need to fill out your information. It will take you through 4 or so different screens to register for the camp. It is a process that is required so please be patient and make it to the end!

Thank you for doing all of that!

Now that you have done that, here's two things for you. Firstly here is a button that will link to the info booklet that was sent out a while back. It will have all the info you need to prepare for the trip.

And finally...

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